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SOTI Pocket Controller

Pocket Controller-Enterprise allows organizations to remotely support mobile devices from a central location. With Pocket Controller-Enterprise you can now provide your mobile users with mission critical support anytime and anywhere.

Feature Summary:

  • Remote Control - Remotely control and operate one or more mobile devices in real-time from a central location
  • Connectivity - Connect to remote mobile devices using Wired or Wireless TCP/IP LAN/WAN, ActiveSync, Direct Serial, or modem connections, support for direct connections or through HTTP, SOCK4, or SOCK5 Proxies. Connections can be initiated from the desktop computer, or directly from the mobile device.
  • Security - Create administrator and user accounts, allow/deny privileges, allow users to accept/reject remote control session requests, configure authentication and encryption settings
  • Explore Tool - Use this tool to view the remote file system or to transfer files
  • Registry Tool - Use this tool to remotely view or edit the registry of remote devices.
  • Task Manager Tool - Use this tool to remotely activate or terminate a process, or to view process details (i.e. threads, resource details, ...)
  • Macro Recording/Playback - Record and Playback keystrokes to automate common tasks. Software developers can use the advanced Software Regression Testing and Analysis tools to automate testing of new versions of software.
  • Automation - Integrate with third party applications: launch third party applications when specified events occur, execute database Stored procedures or SQL statements. Use command line options to launch and control operation.
  • Audit Logging - Log to database or log file, customize logging information
  • Video Capture - Document problems/solutions by creating Video Recordings that can be e-mailed to the appropriate people
  • Skins - View your mobile device in a skin, automatic download and install skins via the Skin Manager Tool
  • Printing - Create hard copy documentation using the Wysiwyg printing facility
  • Remote DOS - Use the Remote DOS Box to remotely execute DOS commands
  • Scripting - Create/Run scripts to transfer files, reboot remote devices, simulate keystrokes or stylus input
  • Screen Capture - Capture screens and save them to disk in JPG, BMP or GIF format
  • Clipboard - Transfer data between desktop and mobile device programs using the Real-Time clipboard synchronization feature
  • Slow Connection Support - Pocket Controller-Enterprise includes several advanced features to facilitate remote control and management of devices over slow connections such cellular/GPRS, or modem connections. These features include 4 or 16 color Artificial Color Reduction options, and Advanced Data Compression options.
  • Automatic Device Software Upgrade - Automatically upgrades Pocket Controller-Enterprise device software to latest version
  • Time Synchronization - Synchronize your mobile device close with a local/remote SNTP time server
  • Application Integration - Integrate Help Desk support directly into your mobile device applications via our "One Click Support" application interface.


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